The Secret Gardener (for Miss S.)

I have a friend who has the loveliest garden. A simple allotment garden, it fills itself each Spring and Summer with flowers and provides delicious fruit and vegetables for their table along with a satisfying sense of accomplishment. What makes it even lovelier, is to think of what it looked like several years ago when she first started out; tangled weeds waist-high, rock-hard soil and bolted vegetables running riot. Through perserverence, patience, planting and inspired hard work, the garden has now been transformed into something really special. There is nothing better for the soul than digging outside in the sunshine, getting one’s hands into the soil. I love being there!


I was thinking of this friend (and wishing she was here to see this!) on Friday when I was out walking through a historic part of Jerusalem. Finding a street-side flower bed, I was taking pictures when the owner of the house came out and looked at what I was doing. I complimented him on his flowers and he said, “if you want to see some really special flowers, you must see my garden.” Inviting me inside the gate, I found a whole new, secret world behind the high stone walls surrounding the house. The flowers were magnificent and the passion and effort that has gone into making this spectacular oasis in the middle of the city was astounding.




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Jerusalem is in the middle of replacing its older bus shelters with a new modern design; complete with LED arrival boards and more comfortable benches. These new urban street furnishings are a welcome addition to a thriving city where the ancint meets the old, the old meets the new.


But what do you do with hundreds (maybe thousands?) of old bus shelters and benches?


Turn them into community reading stations! At the end of the street where I am staying, (by the old train tracks that have been skillfully ‘upcycled’ into walking paths), there is a new addition since my last visit. Two old bus shelters, complete with benches, have appeared and are now filled with books! Local residents are free to donate or take any books they like and there are benches to sit and peruse new treasures. Volunteers from nearby tidy up and check on the book stations daily.

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There are people there all the time; looking for books, driving up to drop off boxes of books and sitting with friends with a cup of coffee. Genres run the gamut from cookbooks to crime thrillers, art albums to childrens storybooks printed in a world of languages; English, Hebrew, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic, German… and even Japanese!


Love it!  So far, I’ve picked up quite a few new titles to schlepp back in my suitcase! Maybe this is an idea you can use to start a reading station in your community??

By the way, I am trying something new in this post – adding a slideshow.  Please let me know how you like this feature in a photo blog (or is it better just to display all of the photos “gallery” style??).

The Cellist (…for Channa)

Stepping of the train, I could hear the whispery strains of a cello. Grand Central Terminus, always full of people and conversation was strangely mute, letting the sounds of Fauré’s Pavane op.50 waft through the halls and platforms. I immediately thought of my cellist friend and “soul sister” Channa, who I wished could be there with me.

The cellist turned out to be Erik Robert Jacobsen (FB: Erik Robert Jacobson, in his tuxedo. With the Christmas market bustling around him, his music put the magic into the holiday season.

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Meet and Greet: The People of Basel

In German, residents of Basel are either Basler (for males) or Baslerin (females). In any language, they are interesting to observe as they go about their everyday business around the Marktplatz – the main square downtown. I felt particularly confident today and found that my personal feelings where “absorbed” in my photos – they seemed to be more assertive in capturing personalities and mood. I was especially captivated by the energy of the bagpiper in dreds and the “attitude” of the man with his bicycle. Couldn’t resist snapping away.

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Hellerup Denmark

I love Denmark. I love most things Danish (except licorice). I love the free-minded attitudes and the way life is lived in a balanced and very full way. I love photographing Denmark. Oh, and kanelboller og kaffe (cinnamon swirls with coffee) help to balance life quite nicely too !

Hellerup is just a short train ride from the centre of Copenhagen and is a sea-side town full of solid, stately houses, tall trees, green parks, beaches and windy days. The Tuborg and Carlsberg beer factories are “bookends” to the town with a lovely main street joining the two.

IMG_0186   IMG_0148 IMG_0175 IMG_0157 IMG_0154IMG_0177