The Colours of Nuit Blanche

Toronto turns into an art-lover’s dream for one night in October when it hosts “Nuit Blanche” ( – a curated free-for-all from 8pm to 8am.

Wandering though downtown streets from Nathan Phillip’s Square to Harbourfront, the city pulses on all sides with colour and crowds of creatives mixing with party-goers, theatre buffs and those just trying to squeeze into the last place on the crowded streetcars.

The beautiful textile installation displayed in the main hall of Union (Train) Station is by a young Toronto artist named Amanda McCavour ( and is entitled Pattern Study 2015.
















Hallowe’en With Style

Recently seen in Toronto’s The Annex district as I was walking along the street. And who says Canada’s favorite color is beige! Taken with an iPhone 6 but not sure why the quality is not so good – usually photos taken with the phone’s camera come out quite sharp. Might have had something to do with photographer (me) trying to hold her coffee in her other hand and watching out for the barking dogs coming down the street??  Really can’t say!!

In any case, I thought I would include it out of a huge artistic respect for anyone who has the courage to paint their historic Victorian house purple and brighten people’s days as they walk by!