How I feel today…

Photography has a powerful influence in my life and thinking – it helps my confidence and self-esteem to grow, allows me to explore my thoughts and relationships to the places where I live and the people I know, and provokes me to challenge the conceptions and opinions I hold in new and bolder ways. My camera can be a mask, a magnifiying glass to society or a window on the the world.

Lately, with the sudden and unexpected loss of several very special people in my life, including my father, my camera has been a valuable tool for exploring my emotions and feelings in ways that words cannot. This capture happened quite by accident and I didn’t even notice it until I downloaded some old photos. It captures the way I am feeling lately. Each time I look at it, I can see myself as each of the ‘characters’; am I the one needing support and feeling alone or the one walking away, so lost in their own thoughts that they can’t notice someone else’s needs?

There is a lot of grainy ‘noise’ in this photo and I think that it is symbolic of the formless, grey ‘noise’ that can fill our thoughts and hearts in times of saddness and loss. It think I will keep it in this one.

….oh and by the way, it is a beautiful, sunny, warm day today – I think it is time to get out into the light now and find some happy things to capture this morning!



More Monochrome…

Now that I am in a “monochrome mood” (sounds like a great title for a song!) this evening, I thought I would add a few more monochrome moments that I am pleased about.

MM2-34: Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness

I love Leanne‘s challenges and the positive and encouraging feedback which she ALWAYS gives! Her Monochrome Madness was the first public photographic forum that I had the courage to enter last year and now I am a huge fan! It is also great learning to see what other photographers are doing and how different people interpret express the same challenge in very different and creative ways.

It is really worthwhile to have a look. Why not? Give it a go and try one of your own photos!:

Here is the photo that I submitted – used on my post about Paris and very excited that it was included in this edition of Monochrome Madness.


Studies in Black & White

Somedays, no matter how creative the day begins, it reaches a dull spot where suddenly there is a need to entertain oneself (hopefully without the use of anything digital…). Look around the house and something will always pop up.

Deciding that I could use some more practice with depth of field and settings (I still do, any suggestions?), I decided to look for details around the house . What came out of it was a pretty satisfying experiment in black & white.


The Architecture of New York

This is my first time visiting New York – even though my husband is a native New Yorker! One day, I set out on my own to explore a unique “garden in the city” that I had heard about; the High Line. Wow!

Walking through field grasses, flower gardens and stands of trees 15 meters off the ground with the traffic buzzing below is magical. But what really intrigued me were the patterns and iron structures of the fire escapes, window frames, crisscrossing streets and brickwork of the surrounding buildings.

Instead of my Nikon D-90, I borrowed my husband’s iPhone 6 for the day to see what I could do (and with dreams of taking one magic shot that would find its way onto one of those Apple iPhone advertising posters!). I especially loved experimenting with the iPhone post-production tools as I took each photo (my inner control-freak coming out). Here are some of the results….

IMG_0520     IMG_0525     IMG_0551 IMG_0585     IMG_0616    IMG_0625

More From Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness (2-17. Theme: the letter “K”)

I love Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness photo challenges!                       (

Focusing on a specific theme or just trying to capturing a good black and white shot gets me out there with my camera no matter the state of my mood or the weather. Not withstanding, having a photo published anywhere, especially on the blog of a professional photographer is a great boost to my confidence (and boy, do I need a lot of that lately!)!

This week, the theme looks at photographs that start with the letter “K”. I know it is pushing it a bit but I am very proud of this photo and so wanted to use it. Soooo, since it was taken in the Copenhagen tax office (Kobenhaven in Danish) and is based on circles (Kreise in German as I live in the German-speaking part of Switzerland) – I decided to submit it as “Kreise im Kobenhaven”. I don’t know if that makes sense in any language but why not try?

Kreise im Kobenhaven