“In Flow” – thanks Otto!

I “borrowed” (stole?) today’s title from a photo blog that continues to have an important influence on me, and has raised some great questions and topics which have impacted the way I am learning to visually think about photography. The blog is called In Flow  by the talented Norwegian photographer Otto von Munchow. Highly reccommended for anyone involved in creative pursuits or who just wants to explore new ideas.

Flow…. in London, the flow and tides of the Thames defines the city; its post codes, neighbourhoods, history, even the way people pronounce and use words, are defined in part by the Thames and one’s location in relation to its flow. For an inland city, flowing water has a powerful hold on the city. There is a little square, across from Borough Market, between some office towers and within sight of Tower Bridge, which is cross-crossed by sunken troughs of flowing water. I took a shot there several years ago which I turned into a photo-etching, and now I have returned to take more photos with the hope of making prints from them sometime soon. Please let me know what you think and how to improve!


The Colours of Nuit Blanche

Toronto turns into an art-lover’s dream for one night in October when it hosts “Nuit Blanche” (http://nuitblancheto.ca) – a curated free-for-all from 8pm to 8am.

Wandering though downtown streets from Nathan Phillip’s Square to Harbourfront, the city pulses on all sides with colour and crowds of creatives mixing with party-goers, theatre buffs and those just trying to squeeze into the last place on the crowded streetcars.

The beautiful textile installation displayed in the main hall of Union (Train) Station is by a young Toronto artist named Amanda McCavour (http://amandamccavour.com) and is entitled Pattern Study 2015.















Studies in Black & White

Somedays, no matter how creative the day begins, it reaches a dull spot where suddenly there is a need to entertain oneself (hopefully without the use of anything digital…). Look around the house and something will always pop up.

Deciding that I could use some more practice with depth of field and settings (I still do, any suggestions?), I decided to look for details around the house . What came out of it was a pretty satisfying experiment in black & white.


More People Stories…


You're not from an anti-smoking campaign, are you?

Visiting Switzerland

I was going through old photos and found some portraits that were “telling stories” – characters whose personalities were as powerful as they were subtle.

The first man was taking a break from work in London style; bow tie, braces, pin-stripes, wing-tip shoes and an ironic attitude. “You aren’t from an anti-smoking lobby are you?” he enquired when I asked if I could take his picture. “Smoke away.” I answered.

The last portrait is of an Indian tourist taking a break at the Lauterbrunnen Falls (a waterfall inside a mountain – a must-see!) in Switzerland. Quiet, studious, at peace with himself and his surroundings.

I am also adding “Maman” – Louse Bourgeois’ sculpture which was ‘visiting’ the Foundation Beyeler in Basel a few years ago, not exactly a person but a powerful personality none the less.