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Jerusalem is in the middle of replacing its older bus shelters with a new modern design; complete with LED arrival boards and more comfortable benches. These new urban street furnishings are a welcome addition to a thriving city where the ancint meets the old, the old meets the new. But what do you do with [...]

How I feel today…

Photography has a powerful influence in my life and thinking - it helps my confidence and self-esteem to grow, allows me to explore my thoughts and relationships to the places where I live and the people I know, and provokes me to challenge the conceptions and opinions I hold in new and bolder ways. My [...]

WordPress Blogging U 101: Here I am!

This year I am finally doing it - I signed up and am actually participating in WordPress' Blogging U 101. Our first assignment this evening is to introduce ourselves and to clarify our goals for our personal blog, take stock of what has been accomplished and what we still want to learn .....so here goes. Who [...]

Les fleurs et les bougies

Have you perhaps seen this discussion between a father and his little son? https://youtu.be/VR1zjZ2Cyaw I have watched it several times now (I will admit, not without a few tears) and in it see all that is good in the world - how a father calmly explains a horrific event to his small son and reassures [...]

Photographically Seeing

I saw this on an interesting blog which I enjoy following called In Flow (munchow.wordpress.com). Its creator, Otto von Munchow, is based in Norway, and often inspires and challenges my thinking about what I do with my camera. I thought you might finding it inspiring and thought-provoking as well. Please have a look at his blog, and thank you Otto for your ideas presented in your latest post.

In Flow with Otto

Jenny Pastore i sitt hjem

For a photographer seeing is where it all starts. If you don’t see anything that interests you, you won’t be able to take any interesting photos. Obviously. However, there is a big difference between seeing in general and seeing with the intention of taking a photograph. In many ways we have to unlearn the regular way of seeing. If you «only» see like you do when you walk down the street without a camera or when you are socializing with your friends or whatever you do when you are not photographing, you will miss out on the interesting and captivating photos.

For many people – photographers and viewers alike – a photograph is simply a record of what was in front of the camera. There is really no thought given to interpretation, or the fact that the camera sees quite differently than human beings do. You want to capture a…

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