Eccelston SQUARE

Yesterday was cold in London: frost on the top of cars and bright red mailboxes, commuters folded into their coats and thick scarves as they rushed to (delayed yet again) trains at Victoria Station. Only  a few streets away from all of this frenetic movement, there is a little oasis of calm and reflection locked away behind a metal gate in Eccelston Square– a natural escape for the few to enjoy in a busy city. Walking past the gate, I was drawn to the contrast of straight angles and curved lines, the juxtaposition of forged iron and the natural forms of trees and leaves.

This shot also led me to think about the effect picture format has on the way we view images. Playing with the focal point of pictures – where is the eye of the viewer drawn? – as well as symmetry and form; lines, grids, and texture, I have been thinking about how a square photo format can enhance symmetry and draw the eye to the centre of the image.

Here are two versions of the same photo – one traditionally rectangular, the other using a square format. Which version is more effective? Which one do you prefer?




6 thoughts on “Eccelston SQUARE

  1. What a lovely park or garden. I am a little amazed that it’s actually close to Victoria Station. Of the two versions, I prefer the first one. I like the open space better and the feeling of entering a tunnel of branches to get to the circular bed. A lovely photo.

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    1. Hi Otto – thank you so much for the feedback (and the lovely comment too!) 🙂
      It is interesting that at first I was really taken with the second, square shot but after reading your comment and then having a look again with “fresh eyes” I can see what you mean about the “space” for the photo to “breathe” and point the way into the tunnel. Reflecting now, I think that I was, at first glance, taken more by the novelty that it was square than the direction that the image wanted to go. Thank you for the great lesson!

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