Cool it! (…and back it up!)

On a very hot and sunny summer’s day, I am going through some of the photos I took a few months back. I saw this one taken in Interlaken, and I could just feel the coolness of the Spring frost! Perfect for today’s sweltering weather.

Why am I going through my photos?  I am organizing and saving my work today as I learned a very “dramatic” and important lesson last week when I accidently spilled (such a tiny littlle bit of!!!!) coffee on my keyboard – right on the side where the charger cable goes (of course!). Alles kaput….and no recent backups! I think….”There go all my photos, the last video taken of my father, bookmarks, my writing, my life…..argh!” Luckily it was possible to save the data from the SSD card but it was a real (and expensive) lesson learned. Back everything up – cloud, external harddrive, anything that works for you, before you end up with prematurly grey hair and many lost memories.


6 thoughts on “Cool it! (…and back it up!)

  1. Thanks for the lesson. We’re getting new Mac Airs and the school is selling us our old Macs for 500 zl but they are going to wipe it clean. So I bought a back up disk for the first time ever my life and one of the IT boys backed all my stuff up for me. So now I guess I’m going to have to learn to do it myself. When I think of all my photos, and all the ones gone missing. It’s funny how I don’t really care about the documents. But those photos…..


    1. Hi Mary!

      Wow – a good deal on the computer! The challenge is how to organize and store so many photos so that they can be found again easily later on. When I was at school, I would put everything on USB sticks but by then I hadn’t gone through them carefully enough and taken out all of the “school” photos of kids doing math or reading, so there were hundreds. Then the USB drives get lost, remain unlabelled, etc. Mess!

      I am still wary of using the cloud to store important photos and docs in, so …still exploring on how to organize the thousands of photos that I have (after weeding out the horrible or fuzzy ones). But…..back them up on something for the time being! It is a horrible feeling to go through the “can they save it? Is it lost?” drama of a wet SSD card!!!

      How’s Warsaw my dear??

      🙂 Jacqueline


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