Moody blues…

Today is the last time that we can enjoy the beach; it is the end of an era. We have come to sort out and clean out the family cottage on Long Island. The evening is cold, rainy and stormy; the day has come to say good-bye. As the light disappears over the Atlantic, there is a fleeting moment in which to capture Francine’s empty deckchair, the darkening clouds and the deserted beach.


13 thoughts on “Moody blues…

      1. I love the ocean as well. It is so soothing for the soul. This time, it was a special experience for me being to be on the North American side of the Atlantic (seen from Long Island NY). The last time I was on the shores of the Atlantic, it was standing on a very pebbly Brighton Beach, UK.

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      2. It’s a calming, serene place to be. I feel
        So blessed to live here by the sea. I have never seen the beach in the UK, never been to the UK. I’m sure it’s beautiful too.i have Ireland on my bucket list, London might be worth the trip too.

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      3. You are so lucky to be living by the sea – it is a magical and dramatic place to live. The UK is beautiful, definitely give London a look…and it’s on the way to Ireland! It is my mother’s life-long dream to visit Ireland as well. I hope that your dreams come true soon!
        ๐Ÿ™‚ Jacqueline

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      4. Jacqueline
        It’s so nice to hear from you. You have a peaceful vibe on your words, smoothing and calming. Yes I am blessed to be at the ocean and I consider myself a bit of a sea shepherd growing up here local. Protecting the beach from harm is something I think about much. Everything is connected to our water systems. Water is life. I would love to be a beach gypsy and see the shores of Vietnam, Thailand, UK and yes the Emerald shore
        Of Ireland. Maybe one day:)). I like to look at books with photos of the cliffs mixed in with the sea, so beautiful. Our sea here in coastal NC is blue, clear and flat with shells, no rocks. I call it big blue. It feels like velvet on your skin. I hope you get to go again to the ocean soon. It where all my dreams begin. I have so many, you?
        Donna Xx

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      5. Hi Donna,

        Thank you so much – you write so well. Your descriptions of the sea are so vivid. I am rather excitable and energetic by nature so I try to take the “calm” approach to life – a struggle sometimes to find the right emotional level for different events. I find that learning to relax and find the calm point helps me to see and understand more of the finer essence of what is happening around me. Photography is a perfect teacher in this respect. I am sitting at the airport at the moment on my way back to NYC and they have just called a flight to NC – immediately thought of the sea and your descriptions of Big Blue. I have so many dreams too – dreaming has always been a talent of mine (according to my teachers in the past!) and they help to root me in the present and inspire me to work harder towards achieving some of them. What is your biggest dream in life? Have a marvelous new week!
        Jacqueline xx

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      6. Thank you Jacqueline. And yes big blue is always in my thoughts and I love the ocean so much it’s easy to conjure the words. I’m flattered that you thought of me when you heard the NC announcements. NC has a beautiful blue ocean that I hope you can see one day, ( I love NYC) worked that NE region for many years. Dreams yes, lots of them – #1 best selling novel that transcends ppl to a place that makes them blissful, peaceful and able to escape for just a bit. What about you Jacqueline, what do you dream about?
        Thank you for reading my blog!


    1. Dear Marysia,

      Thank you so much for such great comments! Your enthusiasm really means a lot. I have never been to Provence but it is on my bucket-list of places to go next. And it is not so far away from Switzerland…I have no excuses. The chair belonged to my mother-in -law and she loved this view. Thank you so much for writing and please drop by again soon, looking forward to seeing you! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Jacqueline, The photos taken re. Moody Blues must indicate how you and Micah are feeling about cleaning out the family cottage. All good things come to an end at some time. The empty chair is significant to your present situation.

    Date: Mon, 16 May 2016 01:34:15 +0000 To:

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    1. Hi Elise,
      Great to hear from you! It is such a shame to see the cottage go but all good things come to a point where there is an opportunity to move on and try something better. The beach is really lovely, very empty and immense. I love this chair – many people can picture a different person sitting there.

      Have a marvelous new week!
      Jacqueline ๐Ÿ™‚


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