More from the desert crater…

It has been a week now since we left the desert and wandered stubbornly back to the city, figuratively kicking the sand with the toes of our shoes. The Negev desert and the Mitzpe Ramon crater are places which force you to contemplate your inner thoughts and feelings, your purpose in life, your life journey so far, and where that journey might take you (or where you would like to take it!). It is mystical, secretive, brutal and achingly beautiful.

Enough said. Enough to look and refect on life…..

4 thoughts on “More from the desert crater…

    1. Dear Lauren,
      Thank you so much! It was a wonderful expereince to be in such a beautiful and awe-inspiring place. I really enjoyed visiting your bog and I loved the post on things you have discovered on your 25 years of travel – the essence of travel is to really get “inside” the country and its culture to see what makes it unique. Keep up the great work and enjoy everything that Korea has to offer. 🙂

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    1. HI Micah – I love this one too. It came out in a much more dramatic way than I expected. This little ibex had lost its mother and was in a real panic to find her again. She was just over the ridge so all ended well. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!
      🙂 Jacqueline


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