The Mizpe Ramon Crater

Mizpe Ramon is fascinating place in the Negev desert. I’ve never been to a desert before, and the trip from Jerusalem to Mizpe Ramon is one that I will not soon forget. The desert landscape is mistical and after while, it starts to really affect you as you travel through the sun. scrub and sand. Have you ever seen an oasis before? Now I really understand the meaning of the word….


My husband ( I love this photo – he is laughing as his towel is blown in the wind)


and I decided to treat ourselves to a a few days at a beautiful hotel called “Beresheet“. The hotel is built on the edge of an enormous natural crater that stretches out towards the horizon and down from a dizzing height. The hotel is meant to resemble a desert village with little cottages and townhouses made from local stone. There are wild ibixes that roam the grounds and surrounding desert, and tomorrow I am hoping to be lucky enough to take a few photos of them. Tomorrow also brings with it an evening photography workshop hosted by Irus Hayun-Rosenfeld, a local photographer.

Here are some of the results from our trip down and an evening spent behind my lens…..and by the pool… (more tomorrow……)



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