In Switzerland, red is the new black….

Another great day; sunshine, warm(er) temperatures and the opportunity to have a day out in Zurich! Any successful visit to this, one of the happiest (and cleanest) cities in the world ( is never complete without a walk to view the mountains on the other side of the Zurichsee, watching the swans on the Limmat; which flows through the city’s heart, and a vegetarian lunch at the Hiltl (the world’s first vegetarian restaurant, which opened in 1898;

After living in Switzerland for a while, like osmosis, one starts to like, and even love the colour red. It is everywhere – the Swiss flag, shoes and glasses frames on older ladies with serious style attitude,  blankets, awnings, cushions in cafes…red is everywhere.

Without noticing it when I was taking pictures, in all the photos I am really pleased with, red is the main focus (maybe it is also the Canadian in me????). So here’s to red!








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