Spring! Maybe?

Whilst the winter season in Basel is still deciding whether to arrive or just skip its visit this year, nature has deicided in its stead, that it is already Spring; croci and snowbells are blooming, a few daffodils have poked their heads up in the garden and the birds are building nests. This little fellow has become a regular visitor outside the kitchen window. He is defintely a “city-boy” as noise doesn’t faze him. He sat quietly and patiently while I opened the window and then fidgeted with the settings on my camera (yes! we have taken that courageous jump from “Auto” to the great photograpic unknown of “A” and “S”!). So far, he hasn’t asked for a morning coffee to-go, so I think we will get along just fine. Don’t let the snow fool you, it was a one day-wonder for the second time this whole season!

_DSC0779 (1)


2 thoughts on “Spring! Maybe?

    1. Hi Otto! This is really(!!!) late reply to your ind comment…I am from Canada so no stranger to very cold weather. It is something that Norwegians and Canadians have in common – no weather phases us. Spring is now underway in Basel but with a funny twist of fate – I heard it snowed yesterday (April 25th)! We are enjoying hot temperatures in Jerusalem at the moment. Have a great new week! 🙂 Jacqueline

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