3 thoughts on “More Monochrome…

  1. I love the mood and feeling I get from the street with the bicycle. It is timeless and it really draws me in. Also, I’d love to know the story of the man and the woman in front of the fountain – there is so much to life in that shot. Several stories could be written from that wonderful shot.

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    1. It is really funny how some photos just “happen”. I was taking some photos from the balcony of the Lincoln Centre where my husband and I had gone for a performance. I didn’t notice the couple until I downloaded my photos on the computer! It was part of a larger shot but the way that they are both looking in the same direction and seem to be deep in smoking of shared experience/discussion is really mysterious. What are they looking at? Who are they? I assumed it was a mother and son but after reading your comment, the possible stories are endless!

      The bicycle shot was taken in the Swiss city of Aarau, about 20 minutes from Zurich by train. If you ever have the opportunity, the old town there is stunning with its many painted wooden buildings.

      Thanks again for dropping by . 🙂

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