The Cellist (…for Channa)

Stepping of the train, I could hear the whispery strains of a cello. Grand Central Terminus, always full of people and conversation was strangely mute, letting the sounds of Fauré’s Pavane op.50 waft through the halls and platforms. I immediately thought of my cellist friend and “soul sister” Channa, who I wished could be there with me.

The cellist turned out to be Erik Robert Jacobsen (FB: Erik Robert Jacobson, in his tuxedo. With the Christmas market bustling around him, his music put the magic into the holiday season.

_DSC0983 _DSC0980 (1) _DSC0958 _DSC0913 _DSC0918 _DSC0907_DSC0969_DSC0972

5 thoughts on “The Cellist (…for Channa)

    1. Thank you for the really constructive comment! It was one of those unexpected photo opportunities that just “worked” out beyond my expectations. I am learning to let the camera and the photo take the lead – amazing where they go! This was also one of the times, I took the setting off “auto” and trusted myself – woohoo! Thanks for writing – great to hear from you!


      1. Hi Jacqueline, it’s also good to hear from you.
        I can’t think for the times that chance has played in getting a great opportunities to photograph. New York City is one of those places I love because of the tremendous street opportunities
        It’s great that you’re moving beyond auto and taking control of your camera. I’ve found lots of camera, design and technical resources on You Tube that has helped me with issues that are from broad to narrow. And they’re free.
        Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing much more.

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      2. Hi Tim!

        I totally agree, Youtube is great for how-to videos and I also found a great resource in a blog called Digital Photography School ( – this started out as a small blog and then blossomed into a huge and fantastic resource. Another blog I enjoy reading for tips in “In Flow” by Otto von Munchow ( New York has been great and I found a very helpful and free (!!) 5-hour Nikon evening workshop at a camera shop in Manhattan called Adorama which often offers evening courses (

        Thank you so much for all of the encouragement and comments – it really is great to belong to a community of visual creatives!

        🙂 Jacqueline


      3. Great resources Jacqueline. I’ll definitely check out the Digital Photography School. I follow Otto but don’t seem to take the time to read all of his valuable material. It is also cool that you found a photo shop that helps its customers by offering workshop/class, etc. I get a lot out of the two photography clubs I’m a member.
        You’re right about finding mutual commitments from this community of photographers.
        As always, I look forward to seeing more of your work. Thank for staying in touch.


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