The Cellist (…for Channa)

Source: The Cellist (…for Channa)


2 thoughts on “The Cellist (…for Channa)

    1. Dear Otto,

      Thank you so much for the really lovely and encouraging comment! I have been following your blog closely and it means a lot to have a pro comment on my efforts. I am working to develop my photography skills to a professional level as an art and portrait photographer and to keep learning how to use processing in creative and meaningful ways.

      As I was watching the cellist play in the middle of the Christmas crown flowing through Grand Central Terminal, I was struck by the juxtaposition of the serenity and concentration of the musician so immersed in creating something beautiful, and the chaotic crowds which rushed past. Many people didn’t even to pause to listen while others did stop for a few minutes. My aim was to try to capture the tension between the intensity of the musician in his formal clothes and the informal movement of people all around him in the station.

      Thank you so much again! Your blog is a great inspiration and please drop by again soon!

      🙂 Jacqueline

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