If it is Autumn, it is time for the fair!

It is certainly Autumn in Switzerland; bright sunshine in that golden Autumnal hue, blue skies, dipping temperatures and crisp leaves that you scuff on the pavement with new leather shoes.

In Basel, it is also time for the Autumn Fair or Herbstmesse in German. One of the very special things one finds at the fair (amongst beautiful handcrafts and Swiss treats such as melted cheese Raclette, braised sugar almonds, and marzipan gingerbread) is a an antique two-story carousel. This same carousel has brought delight to several generations of  Basler children and looks spectacular again the darkening sky.

On my way home, nibbling roasted chestnuts in their special paper bags (one section for the chestnuts waiting to be eaten, another section for the shells of those already gobbled greedily!), there was just enough light to take a picture of the typical Swiss architecture in the Old Town.

What a great day!

_DSC0700 _DSC0718 _DSC0714  _DSC0735   _DSC0709  _DSC0713_DSC0693 _DSC0599   _DSC0600

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