During this past summer, I was very lucky to take an inspiring photography course with Bill Blanco at Central St. Martins University of the Arts ( – loved it! My learning curve was steep and I came away with a new sense of artistic and personal confidence after becoming a comfortable friend to my camera. I also had the privilege to work with some very enthusiastic and talented photographers, and with Bill, who is an inspiring photographer and teacher. I highly recommend the many CSM photo courses (and time spent in London is always an adventure!)

One day after classes, I set out to find what make Londoners unique. Here are the first results of my search…..more to come….

DSC_0950         DSC_0967        DSC_0948



DSC_0954 (1)

2 Replies to “Londoners”

    1. Thank you so much Kelly for such kind compliments – I am fairly new to photography so your interest in my pictures really gives me a boost! I use three different types of cameras – a DSLR Nikon D-90, a smaller and lighter Fuji Finepix and an iPhone 5s. Sometimes, I challenge myself by taking the iPhone out and trying to use it in creative ways. Other days, I like the weight and “seriousness” of the Nikon D-90. Thank you so much for writing and please drop by again!! 🙂

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