More Faces of Gotham

New Yorkers are a fascinating lot, who do a lot of things that I don’t always understand (like standing on your head in Grand Central Station). Street photos are fun to take and because it is so busy on the streets and everyone is in a rush, I am finding that they are fairly easy to take here.

I also decided that need to look more closely at what is happening in my photos and where/what I can improve on. In each post, I will try a bit of self-assessment to see where I can progress. There is so much to learn (and please keep in mind that I am still a beginner in many areas) so I hope to keep the focus for the time being on settings, composition, clarity, and lighting. If you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them but please keep comments in the same light as this blog; constructive, fun, positive, polite and friendly.

What I tried to do: to quickly capture people in public situations that would “tell a story” about the culture of NYC.

What I like in these pictures: the composition of the subjects related to their environment, the colours (yes the yellow light in Grand Central was intense!)

What could improve: the focus and clarity of the shots – I think they could be a lot sharper, colour saturation – I want to find a way to capture intense colors without using a “chrome” filter.

IMG_0572  IMG_0857 DSCF4506  

IMG_0257 IMG_0243

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