The Architecture of New York

This is my first time visiting New York – even though my husband is a native New Yorker! One day, I set out on my own to explore a unique “garden in the city” that I had heard about; the High Line. Wow!

Walking through field grasses, flower gardens and stands of trees 15 meters off the ground with the traffic buzzing below is magical. But what really intrigued me were the patterns and iron structures of the fire escapes, window frames, crisscrossing streets and brickwork of the surrounding buildings.

Instead of my Nikon D-90, I borrowed my husband’s iPhone 6 for the day to see what I could do (and with dreams of taking one magic shot that would find its way onto one of those Apple iPhone advertising posters!). I especially loved experimenting with the iPhone post-production tools as I took each photo (my inner control-freak coming out). Here are some of the results….

IMG_0520     IMG_0525     IMG_0551 IMG_0585     IMG_0616    IMG_0625

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