Hallowe’en With Style

Recently seen in Toronto’s The Annex district as I was walking along the street. And who says Canada’s favorite color is beige! Taken with an iPhone 6 but not sure why the quality is not so good – usually photos taken with the phone’s camera come out quite sharp. Might have had something to do with photographer (me) trying to hold her coffee in her other hand and watching out for the barking dogs coming down the street??  Really can’t say!!

In any case, I thought I would include it out of a huge artistic respect for anyone who has the courage to paint their historic Victorian house purple and brighten people’s days as they walk by!



During this past summer, I was very lucky to take an inspiring photography course with Bill Blanco at Central St. Martins University of the Arts (http://www.arts.ac.uk/csm/courses/short-courses/media-arts/photography-ideas-and-practice/) – loved it! My learning curve was steep and I came away with a new sense of artistic and personal confidence after becoming a comfortable friend to my camera. I also had the privilege to work with some very enthusiastic and talented photographers, and with Bill, who is an inspiring photographer and teacher. I highly recommend the many CSM photo courses (and time spent in London is always an adventure!)

One day after classes, I set out to find what make Londoners unique. Here are the first results of my search…..more to come….

DSC_0950         DSC_0967        DSC_0948



DSC_0954 (1)

More Faces of Gotham

New Yorkers are a fascinating lot, who do a lot of things that I don’t always understand (like standing on your head in Grand Central Station). Street photos are fun to take and because it is so busy on the streets and everyone is in a rush, I am finding that they are fairly easy to take here.

I also decided that need to look more closely at what is happening in my photos and where/what I can improve on. In each post, I will try a bit of self-assessment to see where I can progress. There is so much to learn (and please keep in mind that I am still a beginner in many areas) so I hope to keep the focus for the time being on settings, composition, clarity, and lighting. If you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them but please keep comments in the same light as this blog; constructive, fun, positive, polite and friendly.

What I tried to do: to quickly capture people in public situations that would “tell a story” about the culture of NYC.

What I like in these pictures: the composition of the subjects related to their environment, the colours (yes the yellow light in Grand Central was intense!)

What could improve: the focus and clarity of the shots – I think they could be a lot sharper, colour saturation – I want to find a way to capture intense colors without using a “chrome” filter.

IMG_0572  IMG_0857 DSCF4506  

IMG_0257 IMG_0243


I love autumn! I am an autumn baby and this has always been my favorite time of year. Crisp, bright colours, pulling out warm clothes and cosy jumpers for the first frost of the year, squeaky leather shoes crunching over fallen leaves (as long as I don’t have to sweep them up) – love it!

Today my husband and I went for a walk through the Purchase, NY campus of SUNY. An amazing arts facility (the printing and silkscreening studios look fantastic) seen on a beautiful day. A perfect day for becoming more skilled using depth of focus on the Nikon D-90 camera as well as trying out my husband’s 50mm Nikor lens.


_DSC0569 _DSC0436 _DSC0507 _DSC0416


_DSC0560 _DSC0443


_CSC0544 _DSC0551 _DSC0547 _DSC0530


The Architecture of New York

This is my first time visiting New York – even though my husband is a native New Yorker! One day, I set out on my own to explore a unique “garden in the city” that I had heard about; the High Line. Wow!

Walking through field grasses, flower gardens and stands of trees 15 meters off the ground with the traffic buzzing below is magical. But what really intrigued me were the patterns and iron structures of the fire escapes, window frames, crisscrossing streets and brickwork of the surrounding buildings.

Instead of my Nikon D-90, I borrowed my husband’s iPhone 6 for the day to see what I could do (and with dreams of taking one magic shot that would find its way onto one of those Apple iPhone advertising posters!). I especially loved experimenting with the iPhone post-production tools as I took each photo (my inner control-freak coming out). Here are some of the results….

IMG_0520     IMG_0525     IMG_0551 IMG_0585     IMG_0616    IMG_0625