Hellerup Denmark

I love Denmark. I love most things Danish (except licorice). I love the free-minded attitudes and the way life is lived in a balanced and very full way. I love photographing Denmark. Oh, and kanelboller og kaffe (cinnamon swirls with coffee) help to balance life quite nicely too !

Hellerup is just a short train ride from the centre of Copenhagen and is a sea-side town full of solid, stately houses, tall trees, green parks, beaches and windy days. The Tuborg and Carlsberg beer factories are “bookends” to the town with a lovely main street joining the two.

IMG_0186   IMG_0148 IMG_0175 IMG_0157 IMG_0154IMG_0177

2 thoughts on “Hellerup Denmark

    1. Hi and thank you so much for the great comment. Hellerup is beautiful and in 31C heat (uuffff!) , the beach is always just steps away!

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