More People Stories…


You're not from an anti-smoking campaign, are you?

Visiting Switzerland

I was going through old photos and found some portraits that were “telling stories” – characters whose personalities were as powerful as they were subtle.

The first man was taking a break from work in London style; bow tie, braces, pin-stripes, wing-tip shoes and an ironic attitude. “You aren’t from an anti-smoking lobby are you?” he enquired when I asked if I could take his picture. “Smoke away.” I answered.

The last portrait is of an Indian tourist taking a break at the Lauterbrunnen Falls (a waterfall inside a mountain – a must-see!) in Switzerland. Quiet, studious, at peace with himself and his surroundings.

I am also adding “Maman” – Louse Bourgeois’ sculpture which was ‘visiting’ the Foundation Beyeler in Basel a few years ago, not exactly a person but a powerful personality none the less.


One thought on “More People Stories…

  1. It was lovely meeting you and your husband yesterday evening, Jacqueline, at the camera event in NYC. Your work is very inspiring — love your monochromes, your people, your idea of nature — i.e. generally inclusive of man-made things — so I must open my new camera, already! Rushing around today, tired when home,,,and leery of starting this new adventure.
    Susan (fellow Canadian and migrant!)

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