Photographically Seeing

I saw this on an interesting blog which I enjoy following called In Flow ( Its creator, Otto von Munchow, is based in Norway, and often inspires and challenges my thinking about what I do with my camera. I thought you might finding it inspiring and thought-provoking as well. Please have a look at his blog, and thank you Otto for your ideas presented in your latest post.

In Flow with Otto

Jenny Pastore i sitt hjem

For a photographer seeing is where it all starts. If you don’t see anything that interests you, you won’t be able to take any interesting photos. Obviously. However, there is a big difference between seeing in general and seeing with the intention of taking a photograph. In many ways we have to unlearn the regular way of seeing. If you «only» see like you do when you walk down the street without a camera or when you are socializing with your friends or whatever you do when you are not photographing, you will miss out on the interesting and captivating photos.

For many people – photographers and viewers alike – a photograph is simply a record of what was in front of the camera. There is really no thought given to interpretation, or the fact that the camera sees quite differently than human beings do. You want to capture a…

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Hellerup Denmark

I love Denmark. I love most things Danish (except licorice). I love the free-minded attitudes and the way life is lived in a balanced and very full way. I love photographing Denmark. Oh, and kanelboller og kaffe (cinnamon swirls with coffee) help to balance life quite nicely too ! Hellerup is just a short train [...]

More People Stories…

I was going through old photos and found some portraits that were "telling stories" - characters whose personalities were as powerful as they were subtle. The first man was taking a break from work in London style; bow tie, braces, pin-stripes, wing-tip shoes and an ironic attitude. "You aren't from an anti-smoking lobby are you?" [...]